You can add additional variations of your name to your search settings to improve the accuracy of publications that appear in your “Pending” list.

Update your name in your search settings

The UC Publication management system searches multiple databases for your name variants, affiliation, and other data to find publications which may be yours. 

You can add the many variants of your name under which you publish to your name-based search settings 

  • Navigate to Menu > Manage > Search settings

  • Scroll to the “Name variants” section, adjust accordingly, and then click on the “Run my searches” button near the top of the page; it may take 1-24 hours for your “Pending” list to refresh.

Update your display name 

The display name on your profile is sourced from your campus's HR feed. If the name is incorrect, contact your campus library’s OA Policy support team for assistance.

You or your delegate can update your preferred display name -- the name you see when you log into the UC Publication Management System -- under your Account Settings. This will not affect your name-based search settings.

1. Log into your account, click Menu > My Account > Account Settings 

2. Add your preferred First name and/or Family name, then click update.

Update your name in the HR feed 

Identity information (e.g., name, email address, primary department, login information) is initially populated in the system via feeds we receive from each institution’s HR department. Once an account is set up, however, the information is stored in two independent spaces, both of which may need to be updated if changes are required:

  • The original HR feed, which is maintained independently at each institution.

  • Your search settings.


To update your name in the HR feed:

  • Contact your campus library’s OA Policy support team for assistance. They will liaise with your campu's HR department to request an update to your information.

  • Once HR has updated their records, the changes will populate to our system during the next HR data refresh. This occurs once monthly, beginning the 5th of the month, on all campuses. LBNL has an addition update on the third Tuesday of each month.