When you first log into the system, you’ll see a carousel at the top of your homepage that contains all your pending actions; you’ll see this same information if you scroll down a bit further. 

To claim or reject a publication, 

  • Click on the button that says “Claim publications” in the carousel or “Pending” if you’re further down the screen. 

  • To claim the publication, click the “Claim as mine” button. If you work at one of our Lab partners, your next step is to link your publication to the grant that funded it (see “How do I connect my work to a grant?”).

  • For our campus partners, the publication will now be marked “Claimed,” and you’ll need to move to the next step (“How do I deposit a publication?”).

  • To reject a publication, click the “Reject (not mine)” button. The publication will now be removed from your view and queue.

If you made an error in claiming or rejecting a work, navigate to Menu > Manage > Publications and select the “Mine” or “Not mine” tab to view items you’ve previously claimed or rejected. Use the claim (green checkmark) or reject (red x) icons to make any necessary corrections.