A variety of reports can be used to help assess implementation of the open access policy and gauge use of the UC Publication Management System.

  • Reports run by CDL
  • Reports within the UCPMS
  • Other useful reports: eScholarship

Reports run by CDL

Generated upon request. In the future, these will be generated on an external dashboard. To request a CDL report, please submit a direct request with the report type and deadline.

  • All users: A cleaned version of the HR feed file for your campus. Can be filtered to find users by department ID, title code, senate faculty status, etc.
  • Campus activity: An overview of all activity at the campus level, separated by user group: 
    • Individuals in each group: Total users, active senate users, active nonsenate users
    • Notifications status: Total active users with notifications, active senate users with notifications, active nonsenate users with notifications
    • Publications status: Total publications claimed, publications deposited, deposit rate
    • OA Policy publications status: Total OA Policy publications claimed, deposited, deposit rate
  • User activity: A report the current status for all users in a particular group (campus, school, division, department, etc).  Useful for finding outliers within that group. (Future versions shall include the last date the user was sent a claim/deposit notification.)
    • About the individual: Name, email, senate faculty status, position title, primary department, all departments they appear under in the UCPMS, whether they are a current/active user, assigned delegates
    • Login: Number of logins, last login date
    • Search and notifications status: Whether notifications are enabled, name(s) used in search, institution(s) used in search
    • Identifiers: ORCID iD, arXiv ID, ResearcherID/PublonsID, Scopus Author ID
    • Publications: Publications pending, claimed, deposited, rejected

Reports within the UCPMS 

  • Basic Reports: Related to general user activity. Available in UCPMS under Research Admin -> Reporting 
    • Basic Reports: Generate basic data extracts or reports on user login activity, ORCID iD claims, publications and h-index, grants-publication links (LBL/RGPO), and delegate lists. 
    • Group Statistics: Generate basic visuals on user activity across groups, including yearly publication rate, average publications per user by year, publications by citation count, intersections of data sources, popular journals and average citations, etc. Download each report/visual by clicking the icon next to the report title, or by right clicking each image to download. 
    • Comparative Statistics: General basic comparative statistics between two specific users. 
    • Dashboards: Stock dashboards of various types. Note that many do not work for UC use.  
  • Groups: Obtain list of current members of a certain "group" -- campus, department, senate faculty status, etc. Available under System Admin -> User Groups
    • Download a list of all users in this group: Generates a CSV of all users in the group. 
    • Group members: XX: Click the number next to "Group members" to view all accounts which fall under that group. If the background is light grey, that means the user is no longer active in the system (likely due to leaving UC).
  • OA Monitor Reports: Related to deposit activity for a particular "OA Policy group". Available under Research Admin -> OA Monitor 
    • Publications in OA Policy: A look at all publications that have been claimed for a particular OA Policy group. Select the relevant policy group and further refine by groups (e.g. departments) and user. "Compliant" means that the work has been deposited to eScholarship. "Live" means that the work is live in eScholarship (no embargo). 
      • Tip: Help delegates process deposits more quickly by using the right side filters to find articles with "Fulltext available", then use the "Export all results" option to obtain a list of the articles. 
    • User engagement (publishing): A look at researchers who have claimed or deposited publications since the last Elements notification. We recommend against using this report -- it does not work well for UC's use due to the custom notifications. 
    • User engagement (depositing): A look at how many works a user has claimed, rejected, pending claim, and claimed-but-awaiting-deposit. Useful to find researchers with high number of "pending" counts -- an indication that their name-based search settings should be adjusted

    • OA dashboard: Visual looks at various metrics of claims:deposit across groups and individuals. Does not give indication of pending:claims.

    • OA (Monitor) Reports: Exportable CSV spreadsheets on deposits, compliance, and exceptions (e.g. waivers). Note that for UC use, if an item has been deposited, it generally is compliant with our OA policy.

Other useful reports: eScholarship 

Every unit and series in eScholarship has its own statistics page. To access, add /stats to the end of any unit or series’ URL: 

 unit/series URL 

 stats URL 



This can be used to obtain information about the total items deposited to a particular group, either via the UCPMS or eScholarship manual submission. It can also be used to learn how many publications have been deposited using auto-deposit processes (European PubMed Central, BioMed, Springer – only EuroPMC is currently active). 

Example:  All items deposited using EuroPMC auto-deposit  : Select “Deposits by category”, then choose the range “All time”. 

source:  UCLA Postprints