The UC Publication Management System offers a Logins data extract report in the Reporting Hub under Reporting -> Reports & Dashboards (direct link to the report). The report indicates whether the user has logged in, the date of the first and last time of login, and the number of times of login. The report can be tailored to the campus, user group (e.g. senate/non-senate), department, and individual; a date range can also be added to learn activity within a specific period. It is most useful when you are introducing the UCPMS to a new group of users and wish to monitor uptake.

Fields in the Logins report:

User's name

User’s name as on the account (in alphabetical order)

User's username

User’s username -- their Shibboleth login ID

User's email

User’s primary email address

User's proprietary ID

The unique identifier for the user’s account. In general, this is their UCPathID. 

User's primary group descriptor

The system name of the user’s primary group (e.g. ucb-lbl-rgpo-nonsenate)

User's primary group

The name of the user’s primary group (e.g. UC Berkeley/LBL/RGPO (joint appointees))

User is current staff

Whether the user is a current user of the UCPMS

First login

The first recorded login date of the user’s account

Last login

The last recorded login date of the user’s account

Total logins

The total number of logins (in a certain date range; if no dates are specified, then over all time)


Whether the actual user has logged into their account or a group delegate or campus admin. 

Access the report 

If you access the Logins report from the Reporting Hub, click the "Run" to go to the next step. 

 If you access the Logins report directly from the report page, click the "run" button in the top right corner to go to the next step. 

Select the target groups or users 

A box will appear requesting that you choose the group(s) and/or user(s) whose login activity you would like to see. As with other reports, you may choose to include "non-academic users" -- the users who are not automatically eligible for email notifications and publications search/harvesting -- as well as "inactive users" -- the users who no longer work at the University of California.  

Selecting groups 

Click through the groups option, then browse to select the desired group(s). The right side will update with each new group and user selected. When you have selected all the groups, click "Confirm" to proceed. 

Selecting individual users 

Click through the users option, then type the name of the user in Familyname, Givenname format. Tip: There are tens of thousands of users in the system, so patience is critical! First enter the family name and a comma, allow the system to find the subset of users with that family name, then input their given name.

Select the target user, then search for additional users if desired. Once complete, click the "Confirm" button at the bottom of the window.

Run the report 

Once all target groups and users are selected and confirmed, you'll be returned to the main report window. Click "Run" to initiate the report. 

The system will generate a CSV report entitled “Logins - generated DATE TIME.csv” that can be opened by popular spreadsheet software. If the report takes an especially long time to generate, you may receive a message notifying you that the report is generating in the background and will be available shortly in the Download Center. A system notification will alert you once the report is available to download.