If you want to fix a record's metadata, you’ll need to follow four steps:

0. (If you’re a delegate, first impersonate the author; if you’re an author, login as usual.)

1. Go to Menu > Manager > Publications, click on the work in question, and then click on "Add manual record." The new manual record will be pre-populated with data from the existing record:

2. Make changes as required. Note that some fields will be hidden behind "Additional information."

3. Next, save the manual record by scrolling to the bottom and clicking "Save.”

4. Finally, check that the record is "preferred"; if it isn’t, there will be a button you can click on the top of the manual record to make it "preferred”:

Who to Contact Regarding Service Provider Metadata Errors

While the steps above should resolve the immediate problem, you may also wish to report metadata errors to the particular database that provided the incorrect information. Below are known contacts for each publication database vendor utilized by the publication management system: