My item is already publicly available

Your publication(s) may already be publicly available in an open access format on another site, such as if you published in an open access journal, paid a fee to make your article open access, the article is publicly available because of a funder mandate (often in PubMed Central / PMC), or the article was already deposited to eScholarship.

If the item is available on PubMed Central (PMC) or arXiv:

  • Once you claim the item, you can navigate to the deposit page.

  • The full text PDF for the item should already be present if it was made available by PMC or ArXiv.

  • Simply complete the deposit to create a record in eScholarship.

If the item is available elsewhere (because you paid a fee or published in an OA journal), you can select the “Enter an OA location” tab on the deposit page and provide the URL for the version of record.