Make your work publicly available to participate in UC's Open Access Policies!

There are numerous ways to do this:

  • From the carousel, click on the “Deposit publications” button; if you’re further down the screen, click on the “Claimed publications” link under the bar chart.

  • Click on the publication you’d like to deposit and select the “Deposit” icon to get to the deposit page.

  • On the next screen, you have the choice of uploading a PDF (this is most appropriate if you’ve submitted a work that hasn’t been published yet) or entering an OA location (essentially, this is where you can paste in the publication’s DOI).
  • If you opt to upload a file, click on “Upload file” and follow the prompts. 

  • If you have the DOI, select the “Enter an OA location” tab and follow the prompts.

  • Finally, select “Deposit my publication.”

If you'd like to add supplemental material,

  • Navigate to the record (it will likely be under Menu > Manage > Publications > Mine).

  • Select the “Deposit” icon to go to the deposit page.

  • Under “Deposited files & OA locations,” select “+Upload another file,” and follow the on-screen prompts to upload an additional file.

  • Repeat as necessary for additional files.