Making your research publications openly available enables researchers, students, policy makers, and the public worldwide to read and benefit from immediate, reliable, and practical information to help address today’s problems, inform the community, and inspire future research. UC’s Open Access Policies empower researchers to make their scholarly articles freely available to the public in eScholarship, UC’s open access repository.

Verify and deposit your publications in eScholarship 

  1. Log into the Publication Management System
  2. Click "Claim publications" on the welcome screen
  3. Claim your publication from your pending list
  4. Deposit your publication -- Open Access link, file, and supplemental materials
    1. OA location: Deposit a link
    2. Upload a file: Deposit the full text and supplemental documents
  5. Add supplemental materials (Optional)
  6. Specify embargo (Optional)
  7. Specify a reuse license (CC license) (Optional)
  8. Confirm deposit to eScholarship
  9. Share your publication

Frequently asked questions

  1. My co-author has already deposited our article to eScholarship. Do I also need to deposit it?
  2. Which version of the article should I deposit?

Step 1. Log into the Publication Management System

Once your article has been published and indexed, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your recent publication(s). Click the link in the email to log in and start your deposit. You can also go directly to, choose your campus, and enter your campus login details to get started.

Example email notification of new items available for deposit. 

Example login screen for UC Irvine user.

Step 2. Click "Claim publications" on the welcome screen 

Once logged in, you'll be prompted with a carousel or list of several actions you can take in the Publication Management System. To get started with a deposit, click the "Claim publications" box. This will bring you to your "Pending list" of items to be claimed (verified).

Example welcome page for UC Irvine user displaying the action carousel.

Step 3. Claim your publication from your pending list 

The Pending list is a list of all publications which the Publication Management System has found that it believes to have been authored by you. If the publication is not yours, click the "Reject" button. If it is yours, click "Claim as mine" as shown in the image below.

If all of the publications displayed have been authored by you, you can also use the "Select all on page" option and click the "Claim" button to verify them en masse -- we don't recommend this unless you are certain they are all yours! 

Example article in the pending list being verified and claimed by a user. 

Step 4. Deposit your publication -- Open Access link, file, and supplemental materials

If your article has not yet been deposited into eScholarship by a co-author, then you will be prompted to deposit it. You can choose to deposit an OA location if the article is already open access, a file (PDF or Word) if you would like to deposit the full text, or both a file and an OA location if you would like to include both.

a. OA location: Deposit a link 

If you article is already available open access on another website, such as the journal's website or PubMed, you can deposit an "OA location" -- a direct link to the article. Note that an OA location will not be automatically specified -- you must copy and paste the link directly. 

Example deposit of a link to an open access published article's DOI. 

b. Upload a file: Deposit the full text and supplemental documents 

You can deposit the full text PDF or Word document of your article by Uploading a file to the system. Browse your computer and choose the file to deposit, then select "Use this file" to upload the file to the system.

In some cases, an open access PDF may already be available from one of the Publication Management System's data sources and waiting for you to deposit -- as in the screenshot below. 

Example deposit selection screen of a PDF. 

Step 5. Add supplemental materials (Optional)

You can add multiple documents if your article has supplemental materials. The system refers to these as "Supporting information". In order for these to display with your publication in eScholarship, you must deposit them along with your publication by clicking + Upload another file, selecting the file, and then selecting File version: Supporting information.

Note: You must select "File version: Supporting information" in order to deposit more than one file to eScholarship. If you do not, the deposit will fail and you will need to start the full deposit all over again.

Example deposit screen of supplemental materials

Step 6. Specify embargo (Optional) 

In some cases you may wish to specify an embargo period on your deposit. To add an embargo, tick the "Specify an embargo" box under Item 2 and specify your desired embargo date. 

Note: That this embargo begins from the date from deposit and not the date of publication. You will not be able to alter the embargo date at a later time without contacting your campus Library directly.

Review of the embargo options available for your deposit.

Step 7. Specify a reuse license (CC license) (Optional) 

You can specify how you would like your article to be used by others with a Creative Commons (CC) license. Once selected, the system will display a brief description of the license. Learn more about Creative Commons Licenses and what they mean.

Example selection of the CC-BY license. 

Step 7. Confirm deposit to eScholarship 

The final step is to scroll to 3. Complete deposit and click the "Deposit" button. Once clicked, you will see the system actively depositing to eScholarship. The system will display a thank you message when the deposit is complete. Click "View your publication details" to view the list of files that you have deposited or find the link to your publication in eScholarship.

Example deposit confirmation and thank you page. 

Step 8. Share your publication 

Once your deposit is live, you can choose to share your publication on eScholarship with others to benefit from an open access version of your publication. Find your eScholarship link by returning to the publication details in the Publication Management System and clicking the ID link or Public URL link under the eScholarship data source. 

Click the ID or Public URL link under eScholarship to go to the eScholarship deposit page. 

Frequently asked questions

My co-author has already deposited our article to eScholarship. Do I also need to deposit it? 

No, you do not need to deposit your article if your colleague has already deposited the article to eScholarship and in general you will not be prompted to deposit it again. However if they have deposited an incorrect version -- for example, an early manuscript which still has your notes -- you can make a redeposit. 

Which version of the article should I deposit? 

We recommend that you deposit the Author's final version or Author's accepted version of your article. This is the manuscript which has already undergone peer review and editing by the journal, but which is not the final published version downloaded directly from your publisher. 

Tip: Some journals do allow you to deposit the publisher's final PDF of your article -- click the "SHERPA/RoMEO advice" to learn whether yours does. 


Example deposit advice from UC and from SHERPA/RoMeo.