In most cases, the UC Publication Management System will automatically find articles that you have already uploaded to eScholarship based on your name, campus, and/or email information and will mark it as claimed and deposited in your publication list.

You can manually re-associate your records by following the steps below:

  • Locate the item currently displayed at and copy the permalink located in the “Author & Article Info” tab.

  • Return to the publication management system at and navigate to the record (it will likely be under Menu > Manage > Publications > Mine).

  • Select the “Deposit” icon to go to the deposit page.

  • Under “Deposited files & OA locations,” select the “Enter an OA location” tab.

  • Paste the eScholarship permalink in the “OA location” field, indicate the correct file version, and select “Save location.”

  • Select “Deposit my publication.”

How do you know if your work is already in eScholarship?

  • Navigate to Menu > Manage > Publications and select the “Mine” tab.

  • Under “Repository Status” in the filters on the right side of the screen, select "Deposited," "Not deposited," or "Awaiting deposit," depending on which list you'd like to see.

Additionally, if you’re visiting the publicly viewable page for one of your publications at, you can click on an author's name in “Document info” to get search results for that name.