Connecting your external profiles or researcher identifiers, or adding alternate email addresses you use to publish, is an easy way to claim a large number of publications in your pending list which are associated with those profiles and identifiers now and in the future.

You can also reject profiles or identifiers which belong to researchers with similar names to quickly clear their publications from your pending list

Get started by navigating to Menu > My Account > Data Source Search > Automatic claiming (quick link).

What external profiles and identifiers can I connect?

The UC Publication Management System supports these identifiers and profiles:

arXiV author IDsResearcherID (now Publons ID)
Dimesions ID (UCSF, UC San Diego, RGPO only)
Scopus ID (UC Berkeley, UC Davis, LBL only)
figshare account
SSRN account

You can also connect other email addresses you have used when submitting publications.

Connect your ORCID iD 

See Connect your ORCID iD and write publications to ORCID.

Claim a suggested profile or identifier

The UC Publication Management System regularly searches for external profiles or identifiers which may be yours. These will be listed in the "Automatic claiming" page as well as in your "Pending" publications list. 

Click the provided link to review the publications associated with that identifier or profile and confirm whether they are yours. If they are, click "Yes":

The system will ask whether  you wish to use the identifier  to auto claim or auto suggest publications: 

  • Auto claim: The publications currently associated with the identifier are all verified as yours and added to your "Mine" list. Any future publications associated with that identifier will be automatically added to your "Mine" list.

  • Auto suggest: Any publications currently associated with the identifier are added to your "Pending" list. Any publications associated with that identifier in the future will alto be automatically added to your "Pending" list. You will receive an email notification asking you to verify these publications.

Make your choice, then click "OK".

Connect a known external profile or identifier 

If you already know your identifier or account name in other systems (for example, Scopus ID 55706372800), click the relevant system's name (for example Add Scopus IDs) 

Input your identifier or profile name when prompted. You can click "Quick search" to retrieve example results, or "Skip" if you are certain that it is your account.

Choose whether the publications connected to that account should be automatically claimed (they will appear in your "Mine" list) or automatically suggested (they will appear in your "Pending" list), then click "OK"

Add email addresses you use when publishing

Publishers often add your email addresses you used when submitting a paper to the publication data they share with databases. We recommend adding your personal email address or an alternate form of your UC address if you use them when publishing scholarly works. 

Reject profiles and identifiers -- and all connected publications

A quick way to clear publications which you didn't author  from your pending list is to reject identifiers, profiles, and accounts which aren't yours. Review the suggestions from the system by clicking the linked profile. If they are not yours, click "No":

If you do not know this person and/or never co-author papers with this person, choose "auto reject items" and click "OK".

When should I click ignore? 

The UC Publication Management System may find the email addresses, profiles, or identifiers of colleagues with whom you frequently author papers. In these cases, click "Ignore": this system will not suggest the identifier again, but it also won't automatically remove those publications from your pending list. 

Dimesions ID