Getting started: Claim and deposit your publications

Welcome to the UC Publication Management System! From your homepage in the system, which you can access via, you can verify and upload publications that you have authored. You can also generate CVs and reports, as well as get near-instant statistics on the work you’ve published so far. 

Below is a quick start guide to claiming and depositing publications. If you find yourself needing additional help or support, please look through other help articles on this website or reach out to your campus support contact.



1. Once your article has been published and indexed, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your recent publication(s). Click the link in the email to start your deposit.

2. Select your UC campus and log in using your existing UC campus credentials. If you are a UC campus and Berkeley Lab joint appointee, log in using the UC campus option. 


3. After logging in, the system carousel displays the actions you can take in the system. Click Claim now to get started claiming your publications. 

4. You’ll be presented with a list of your recent publications. Click Claim to verify and claim the publications that you have authored, or click Reject to remove any that aren’t yours.

5. When you claim a publication covered by UC’s Open Access Policies, you’ll be prompted to 

  • Upload a file;
  • Provide a link (if the article is already openly available); or
  • Claim an existing PDF (if one has been found in a linked open access repository); and
  • Add a Creative Commons reuse licence to specify how you want others to use your work.

6.Once your deposit is complete, you’ll be returned to your list of recent publications, in case you need to verify others. You will receive additional email notifications when we discover new publications authored by you.

Make it easier: