Benefits of using the UC Publication Management System & eScholarship

The UC Open Access policies set out that your scholarly articles should be made open access by depositing in an open access repository. This would include eScholarship, the University of California's open access repository, as well as services such as PubMed Central, OSF, Zenodo, arXiv, and more; however, this would not include ResearchGate or, which are for-profit sites focused on collaboration and networking rather than stable long term preservation and access.

Why use the UCPMS and eScholarship? 

The main benefits to using the UC Publication Management System and eScholarship to make your work open access are:

  1. The UC Publication Management System saves you time by filling in the publication metadata for you and your co-authors. You need only to verify that the work is yours by "claiming" it, then deposit the PDF, Word document, or open access link to eScholarship.
  2. eScholarship is optimized to make your work easily findable in other systems used by scholars and the public, including Google Scholar, PubMed, and libraries worldwide. Learn more about How users find eScholarship content.
  3. eScholarship automatically groups your work with that of your peers; every article deposited is grouped with other publications from your campus, as well as your department's eScholarship site. Learn more about Open Access Policy Deposits in eScholarship.