Appoint a delegate to help manage my publications

You can assign another UC employee to help manage your account in the UC Publication Management System by setting them as your delegate. The delegate receives notifications about new publications to claim, and they can claim and deposit publications on your behalf. The account delegate must be a UC employee -- undergraduate and non-employee graduate students are unable to serve as delegates.

You can assign the delegate yourself in the publication management system if they already have an account. Your campus open access support team can also help assign the delegate on your behalf. 

Assign or remove an account delegate

  1. Log into the UC Publication Management System using your campus account.

  2. Select Menu My Profile Settings Manage Delegates or search “Delegate” in the navigation search bar:

  3. Scroll to "Manage Delegates” and search for the delegate by entering the person’s name (last name, first).

  4. Click "Add delegate" and the person will be added.

  5. You can remove any delegates that are out of date by clicking the red X icon next to their name.

My delegate is not in the delegate list

While most UC employees can sign into the UCPMS, there is sometimes a delay in adding new faculty and staff to the system. In addition, it may be difficult to tell from the details provided whether any of the users found are the delegate you wish to assign. 

If you cannot find the delegate in the Publication Management System, submit a Delegate Request. Delegate requests are processed within 3-5 working days.

I don't know who should be my delegate

If you would like to have an account delegate, but do not know whom to assign, contact your campus open access policy support team for assistance.