What is the UC publication management system?

The UC publication management system was commissioned by the UC Academic Senate to help UC researchers comply with the UC's Open Access Policies -- making the author's final version of eligible scholarly articles available on UC's open access repository, eScholarship

How did I get appointed as a delegate?

The system monitors common publication databases for articles that may have been authored by UC authors. Every new weeks, it notifies a UC author of any new publications it has found which may authored or co-authored by them. The UC Author can then log in, verify whether the articles were indeed (co-)authored by them, and deposit their article. 

UC researchers can also opt to appoint another UC staff member as their delegate to help manage their publications and article deposits. Some UC campus also have set up department-level delegates to help manage publications for a group of people.  

What do I need to do as a delegate?

You’ll be asked to look at a list of articles that may have been authored by the faculty member you are representing. You will need to indicate whether the faculty member was an actual author or co-author for each item.

For items that were published after the adoption of the relevant UC Open Access Policy, you’ll also be asked to upload an author final version of the manuscript for public display on eScholarship.org, UC’s institutional repository. It will therefore be helpful if you have ready access to the faculty member’s most recent c.v. and full-text PDF or DOC files for recent publications.

How do I get started?

  1. Once you’ve received an email confirmation that your delegate account is ready, go to: https://oapolicy.universityofcalifornia.edu

  2. Select your campus from the available options and use your campus credentials to log in.

  3. Once logged in, select Impersonate Another User from the  toolbar at the top of the screen.

  4. Select the name of the faculty member you’d like to work with.

  5. You will be viewing the Home tab from the perspective of the user you selected.
  6. Consult the Delegate Quick Start Guide for information on how to use the tools on this page.

What if I need assistance?

  • Many questions can be answered via the Help button at the top-right corner of each page, or by searching this support portal.
  • You may also contact you campus OA policy team.