The UC Publication Management System scans many data sources to find your research output. When it finds multiple data sources of the same work -- for example in Crossref, arXiv, and Web of Science -- it merges them together using 

Sometimes the merging algorithm makes a mistake, and the UC Publication Management System incorrectly merges two publications together. You or your delegate can manually unmerge the two publications using the following steps. 

0. Log into your UC PMS account at . If you are assisting a colleague as their delegate, impersonate them to access their account. 

1. Navigate to the publications queue and find the publication with the incorrectly linked datasource. If there are too many publications to easily scan, use the filters on the right sidebar to filter by the publications title. "Planck2015 results" is used in the example below. 

2. To be able to see all of linked datasources, enable the “Detailed view”, then select the "data sources" tab. 

3. In the example shown, two different articles were merged incorrectly due to similar titles and metadata. Use the “split” button (two arrows) next to the incorrectly merged data sources. In the example below, the data sources which must be split are highlighted. Note that one source has an incomplete title; check the article’s full metadata record before splitting to confirm whether it has been incorrectly joined. 

4. Confirm that you wish to unmerge the datasource (“split the record”). 

5. The data sources are now unlinked. This will create two versions of the article: one for the published version, and one for the incorrect datasource. 

Remove incorrect items from the queue 

6. In some cases, the incorrectly merged item was not authored by the UC PMS user. Remove it from the queue by clicking the red "x".