My publications don't have a publication date and/or are appearing out of order

When looking at "all" publications on your profile or viewing the list of "My" publications, you may notice that some items are marked as "no date", and/or being listed at the very end of your publication list -- despite clearly showing a publication date in the reference! 

Example image: The top article has a year of 2004, corresponding to its publication date of July 01, 2004. The bottom article has no date listed, despite having a publication date of May 14, 2020. 

This occurs because the dates in the UC Publication Management System's publication lists are all based on "reporting dates", not publication dates. An item's "reporting date" is assigned based on various dates; for journal articles, it is the "[print] publication date" only. 

The UC Publication Management System currently only reads the first datasource it finds (such as Web of Science) to determine the "reporting date" and if that source doesn't have the requisite date, it will set the reporting date as null. In addition, if another datasource (such as Scopus) is found which does have the requisite date, The system will not use it to update the reporting date for the item. This is a known issue in the software, and one which the provider is working to address in future versions of the system.

For now, the only method of resolution is for a system administrator to correct the "reporting date" for each item. If you see any items listed as "no date", please contact your campus open access support team for help in resolution.