Getting started: Walkthrough of the new user homepage

Welcome to the new version of the UC Publication Management System! While the core functionality in the UCPMS remains the same, the new version includes significant changes to the home page and menu. Find a walkthrough of the new homepage below: 


Screenshot of the user homepage of the UC Publication Management System.

1. Menu icon: Click to open the Menu of pages in the UC Publication Management System.  (See more below.)

2. Home icon: Click to return to the homepage.

3. Personal profile icon: Click to view your personal profile in the UCPMS. 

4. Reports icon: Click to access reports you can generate in the system, including a CV or NIH biographical sketch. 

5. Action carousel: The Action carousel -- the primary actions that you can perform in the UCPMS. (See more below.)

6. Profile snapshot: A snapshot of your UCPMS profile. Note: there is no "public profile" for the UCPMS. 

7. Publications summary box: A summary of your publications in the UCPMS. (See more below.) 

8. Impersonate icon: Click to impersonate a user who has made you their delegate. 

9. Notification icon: Click to view any pending notifications of activities in the system. (Note: This generally matches the activities displayed in your action carousel.)

10. Help icon: Click to access general help information about the system. 

11. Account log out: Displays the name and photo (if any) on your account. Click to log out of the UCPMS. 


Screenshot of the user menu of the UC Publication Management System.

13. Navigation menu: All actions that you can perform in the UCPMS are available in this menu: 

  • My Profile: Holds links to pages where you can view and update your Account Settings (including adding or removing delegates), the list publications that you have verified, your ORCID account settings, and identifiers or email addresses to support automatic publication verification. You can also access tools to import publications from other systems (such as Google Scholar) in bulk and use the Workspace to merge or unmerge publications.

  • Open Access: Holds links to pages where you can verify (claim) or deposit publications which call under UC's open access policies.

  • Reporting: Holds links to pages where you can search all the UCPMS for a specific publication, view any searches that you have saved, or generate a CV or NIH biographical sketch in PDF or Word format.

14. Menu search bar: Input a keyword into the menu search bar to quickly find a page in the UCPMS. 

Action carousel

Screenshot of the action carousel on the UC Publication Management System homepage.

15. Next action switch: Click the > arrow to view the next action. Generally you'll have the following suggested actions: 

  • Claim your publications: Verify that the publications found by the UCPMS were authored or co-authored by you. 
  • Deposit your publications: Upload your verified publications, or links to an open access version of those publications, to eScholarship, UC's open access repository and publishing platform.
  • Add identifiers (e.g. ORCID): Connect identifiers such as your ORCID iD or Scopus Author ID to improve your pending publications list and/or automatically claim new publications linked to those identifiers. If you connect your ORCID iD, you can also the UCPMS permission to automatically update your ORCID record each time you claim a new publication in the system.
  • Connect grants: Grantees of the Research Grants Program Office (RGPO) and Lawrence Berkeley Lab staff are asked to link their RGPO and US Department of Energy funding to related publications.

16. Switch to list view: Click to switch the default view between the carousel (one action visible at a time) or list format (all actions visible at a time). 

Publications summary box

Screenshot of the publications summary box.

17. Publications links: A summary view of your verified (claimed) and pending publications in the UC Publication Management System. All are links -- click any of them to view the publications in that category. 

18. View switch: Click the arrow to display a summary chart of your publications, separated by year of publication. 

19. Clear list: Click the three dot (...) icon to display options to clear the list of pending publications. This is useful for after you have updated your name-based search settings to improve the list of results. 

20. Add new publication manually: Click to add a new publication to the UCPMS by manually inputting data. 

21. View all: Click to view all publications that you have verified as yours.