Merge or resolve duplicate items in your claimed or pending list

If you’ve noticed certain articles appear more than once in your “Pending” (or “Claim”) list, you might want to reconcile these duplicates: 

  1. Claim all versions of the duplicate publication(s) in your “Pending” list and then move to the “Claimed” tab. 

  2. Type a few keywords from the publication’s title in the right hand filter section: 

  3. For each duplicate, click the three dots icon at the upper right corner and select “Add to workspace

  4. Navigate to the workspace from the menu: 
    Menu My Profile > Tools Workspace; or type “Workspace” in the navigation search bar (direct link)

  5. The system only allows two versions to be joined together at once. Use the checkboxes to select two versions of the publication, then select the “Join” button to merge into a single item:

    A confirmation message will display: 

  6. Repeat if there are any additional duplicates. 

  7. Once complete, click “Clear the workspace” or the orange “tab” icon in the lower right of each item to remove from the workspace.