Login issues and errors

Modified on Mon, 11 May 2020 at 02:24 PM

The UC Publication Management System uses your campus network account for login. If you encounter a login error, it may be due to one of three issues:

  • Incorrect username/password (campus): If you select your campus's login option and see an error on your campus's login page, this indicates an incorrect username or password. Please contact your institution’s information technology office or helpdesk for password assistance. See the example screenshot below.

  • Incorrect campus: The UC Publication Management System only supports one login account. If you are appointed to multiple campuses, including the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, in general you will use your campus login to access the UCPMS. LBL-campus appointees should restart their browser and try their campus login.

  • No account on the UCPMS: The UCPMS has not yet been rolled out to all researchers in the UC system. See the list of who has access below.

Screenshot of a login error indicating incorrect username/password with your campus.

Screenshot of a login error indicating no UCPMS account.

Groups with access to the UC Publication Management System

  • All campuses: UC senate-represented faculty
  • Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory researchers (including campus appointees)
  • UCOP Research Grants Program Office: Grant PIs (including non-UC grantees)
  • UC Irvine: All faculty and staff*
  • UC Riverside: All faculty and staff*

* While all UC Irvine and Riverside faculty and staff have accounts and login access to the UC Publication Management System, access to the publications feature is being rolled out in groups. Contact your campus support team to learn more.

If you are unable to log into the Publication Management System, but you meet the criteria above, contact your campus support team for assistance.

Don't have access yet? You can still make your work available

We are working to expand access to the UC Publication Management System in groups across the UC campuses. Until then, you can upload your publication directly to eScholarship -- just go to your campus's eScholarship page and click the Deposit button in the upper right corner of the page. Consult the eScholarship Repository User Guide for help uploading your work to eScholarship or contact your campus open access policy team for assistance