UC Publication Management System Privacy Statement

The California Digital Library (CDL) is committed to protecting your privacy to the greatest extent possible, subject to provisions of state and federal law. While our systems gather a variety of user information in the normal course of providing services, this information is kept for limited purposes only. For a detailed description of what information we collect from visitors to this website and how it is used and managed, please see the CDL Privacy Policy.    

Information stored in the UC Publication Management System

The UC Publication Management System is a closed, login-only system used to facilitate participation in UC’s open access policies by simplifying the process to deposit articles in eScholarship, the University of California’s open access repository and publishing platform. The system is supported centrally by CDL and locally at each University of California campus. 

Information stored in the UC Publication Management System includes: 

Privacy settings 

User privacy settings are offered for some of the information managed in UC Publication Management. These allow you to indicate with whom you would like the information to be shared. 

User profile privacy settings 

The UC Publication Management System supports three levels for profile data: 


Default profile setting. “Public” profile data is visible to other UC Publication Management System users and to UC system connections. 


“Internal” profile data is visible only to other UC Publication Management System users. It is not visible to UC system connections. 


“Private” profile data is visible only to you, your delegates, and UC campus administrators. 

Your entire user profile can be set to public or internal visibility. Individual items can be set at your profile’s general privacy level or as private. The exception is your UC email address, which can be set at internal or your profile privacy level only. Learn which fields you can update and apply individual privacy settings in User profile data.

Publications and grants privacy settings 

After claiming your publications or grants, you may choose to mark your relationship with them as “private” by selecting the “private” icon .  

Marking the relationship as private: 

  • Hides the publication or grant from your personal profile; 

  • Indicates that the publication or grant should not be displayed in UC systems that read data from the UC Publication Management System (see which UC systems are connected);

  • Prevents other UC Publication Management System users from seeing that you have claimed the publication; and

  • Allows you to filter the publication from being added to your ORCID record (if you have enabled the ORCID write connection). 

Marking the relationship as private does not: 

  • Prevent your co-authors and collaborators from viewing your relationship with the publication or grant; or 

  • Prevent your name from being included in the publication’s author list when deposited to eScholarship. 

Sharing information 

Within the UC Publication Management System: All users of the UC Publication Management System can use the internal search feature to search and find publications and grants stored in the UC Publication Management System.  

UC system connections: UC campuses and affiliated research units may obtain permission to create system-to-system connections to read and publicly display information from the UC Publication Management System.

Approved system connections

  • UCLA Opus: UCLA staff publications.

  • Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Discovery Profiles (in development): LBL staff profile information, LBL staff publications.

  • UC Davis Profiles (in development): UC Davis staff profile information, UC Davis staff publications.

  • UC Davis MyInfoVault: UC Davis staff publications.

Reports: CDL provides aggregate reports of local usage statistics to the UC campuses, and some campus staff have access to more detailed information, including user information and claimed publications. To learn more about what information is available to whom at a given campus, contact your campus library’s open access specialists.


The following additional practices, specific to the administration of the UC Publication Management System, may also affect the amount of privacy you are afforded on this website.

Google Analytics opt-out

As noted in the CDL privacy policy, this website uses Google Analytics to capture and analyze usage statistics. You may choose to opt-out of having your website activity tracked by Google Analytics. To do so, visit the Google Analytics opt-out page and install the add-on for your browser.


This statement was last revised on March 04, 2021, and may be revised at any time.