Particularly for users at Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL), or who are receiving funding from UC's Research Grants Program Office (RGPO), open access compliance involves an extra step: linking your published work to appropriate grant(s) or fund(s). To remain in compliance with DOE policy, you might have received an email notification asking you to complete this crucial step. There are two ways to get started:

  1. Click on the “Link publications” button on the homepage’s “My Actions” carousel, or;

  2. Click on the “Menu” tab near the top of your screen and then click “Create Links.”

Either of these steps will take you to a screen that looks like this:

From here, click “Publications” on the left and then “Grants” on the right (or vice versa). If everything’s working correctly, a set of your works will appear that are covered by the open access policy and need to have a grant or fund linked to them. If you click the “Change” button, you’ll be able to fine tune this view even further. 

Another option is to click on the title of the publication you need to link a fund to like so:

And then scroll down to "Create links" > Grant like so:

From here, you'll follow the tutorial prompt to connect the fund that sponsored your work to the work itself.


If none of your publications appear, adjust the date filter:

Note: If you are not seeing the “Published after” field, you may need to first select the “Change” button (not pictured here).

The default date is 1 October 2015, but to see more publications, select an earlier date (be sure that you include a month, date, and year), and then select the “Go!” button. 

On the right side of the screen, where you’ve selected the “Grants” radio button, you should see a list of DOE funds. If no DOE funds are listed, select the “Change” button in the grants column and changed the “Linked to:” field to “Anyone.” Remember to select the “Go!” button to apply your changes. 

If you need further assistance please contact your on-site administrator.