Generate a CV or publication report

CVs and publication lists in different formats can be generated and exported from within your profile.

  1. Navigate to Menu Reports & Dashboards CVs & Individual Reports or search for “CV” in the navigation menu search bar. Quick link: 

  2. Choose what type of report you wish to run. Currently three reports are supported: 

    1. Academic CV 

    2. NIH Biographical Sketch (old format) 

    3. NIH Biographical Sketch (new format)  

  1. Search for your name and select your account: 

  2. If desired, select the date range for publications: 

  3. Choose the output format -- PDF or Word -- and click Run

  4. The system displays a success message once complete, and you will be prompted to download the file. The file may also open or download automatically depending on your browser settings. 

  5. Reports can take time to generate due to the large number of users and publications in the system. You can remain on the page or choose to Collect It Later

When ready, it will be available in your notifications at the top of your toolbar: