Welcome to the publication management system! From your homepage in the system, which you can access via

http://oapolicy.universityofcalifornia.edu, you can upload, claim/reject, and link funding information to the publications associated with your name. You can also generate CVs and reports, as well as get near-instant stats on the work you’ve published so far. Getting started might seem a little daunting, but the system is fairly intuitive, and we’ve set up helpful navigation tools in any of the areas that might be confusing. 

In most cases, you have two different ways to get to the most common areas on the site: the carousel of actions requiring your attention when you first log in, and the list of items that appears further down the screen. The carousel is meant to give you an instant jumping-in point, in case you’re pressed for time or attention. 

Above the large box with your name and profile picture, you’ll see a “Menu” tab for navigating further into the system. Essentially, it gives a high-level view of how to manage your publications and grants/funds, probably the two most highly used sections of your profile. You can also use this tab to build CV reports from the publications you’ve authored or coauthored, as wells as control your overall account and search settings.

If you find yourself needing additional help or support, please reach out to your campus support contact.